With inspiration from the nature of Swedish Hälsingland, with its enchanted forests, azure mountains and its deep, crystalline river–the unquestionably natural-together with the cosmopolitan vain gloriousness of New York, Paris and London, their fetchingly charming expressiveness and stylish luxury, I have mixed and manifested a well-balanced blend of ”audacious repose” in my jackets.

My choice of model was clear from the beginning. I’ve always had a predilection for the jeans-jacket. Why not use that timeless article as a canvas and paint it full with luscious materials…ribbons, beads and pretty decorations?… each one individual, of course, with its own unique expression and design.

Thus was born my own collection of designer Jeans-jackets and was dubbed quite simply ”Design Renée Breig”.

”A clear choice for me, a conscious and inquisitive woman, who dares to expose my whole self, put forward my womanly charm, my playful elegance and a dash of rash self-assuredness.”

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With the help of my fantastic seamstress, Karin Lindstrom, my dream was realized.

You can order each of the models but remember…the one will never be exactly identical to the other.

”With sure and steady hand, with materials of the highest quality, with ribbon from the four corners of the earth and with carefully crafted seam work Karin has plied her trade as a seamstress for many years and possesses a wealth of experience in the field.