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My Jewellery Collection ”A Little Piece of My Soul”

I always had a dream to do something smaller, beautiful and more personal of my paintings I create.

My idea of these ”art-pendant” was born recently when I was in Glastonbury at  the “Chalice well” (a lovely meditation garden) We had our brushes and canvas with us,and started to paint – the energy from the garden completely filled the cansvas and become one with the colours..

A wonderful, powerful painting was created that day filled with love and bliss. I wanted to have it with me all the time.. So, I simply made pendants of the painting so that I can wear it and feel the energy flow through me where ever I go.

Now, I want to share these powerful pendant with more people. (there are only a few ”art-pendants” from this serie). I call it  “Glastonbury Dreams”. All pedants are signed, also each one individual, of course, with its own unique expression, energy and design.

I will do more pendant-collections and series from paintings that have been painted in special places, charged with special energy from around the world.

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”Let the beauty we love, be what we do”  -Rumi